Curo invests in Lawrence Weston

Lawrence Weston, Bristol could see up to 185 new homes delivered by housing association and Homes for the South West member, Curo over the next few years. More than half, 94 homes, will be affordable housing for social/affordable rent and Shared Ownership.

Curo is proposing to build the new homes across two sites – 128 homes, including 30% affordable housing, will be delivered on a 10.2-acre site recently acquired from Bristol City Council while another 57 affordable homes will be built as part of a nearby redevelopment scheme.

The housing association shared its proposals with the local community earlier this year at two public exhibitions.

Commenting on the plans, Lawrence Weston ward councillor, Matthew Melias, said: “I welcome Curo’s commitment to build up to 185 homes in Lawrence Weston, both at Corbet Close and on the Henacre land. This is a much needed investment for the area that will hopefully make it possible for some of the young professionals who grew up in Lawrence Weston and were forced out by rising house prices to return.”

Aside from much needed new homes, the two developments could also deliver improvements to the local infrastructure and increased security for the area.

Cabinet lead for housing at BCC, Councillor Paul Smith, said: “Our city desperately needs more affordable housing and we are keen to work with housing associations and developers like Curo who share our vision for thriving mixed communities with high quality, modern and efficient homes.”

Mark Pepper, development manager for the community group Ambition Lawrence Weston, said: “It’s a long time since Lawrence Weston has seen such investment in new housing and we hope it will enable more local people to stay in the area. Curo’s proposals are showing high-quality, warm homes that will make good use of some of the underutilised land in Lawrence Weston to create new housing for local families.”