Homes for the South West

Homes for the South West is a group of chief executives from some of the largest housing associations in South West England.

We are working together to identify and tackle the barriers to new housing in our region. Our collective voice is making the case for new housing at a local, regional and national level.

We are ambitious about the role we can play together to invest in and build more homes in the South West.

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The chief executives of the following housing associations are members of Homes for the South West


Our Priorities

Land ›

Homes for the South West members are ready and able to invest £2billion in new housing, working with local authorities to meet their local affordable housing targets. And, importantly, unlike private developers we can build throughout the housing market cycle to deliver the homes our region needs.

Our key asks on land are that:

  • the government should prioritise the sale of public sector land for affordable housing.
  • local authorities should extend their land supply targets to increase the likelihood that those targets will be met.
  • funding beyond Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and section 106 should be prioritised to support building more affordable housing.

Planning ›

Homes for the South West members can demonstrate the latent demand for affordable housing in evidence of the huge unmet need in our region. We can deliver quicker than the private sector, building sites out at a faster rate than private developers. And, we can provide community infrastructure earlier in the development of a given project, creating a sense of place as well as building sales momentum.

Our key asks on planning are that:

  • new developments should have a minimum percentage of affordable homes set at 25% in the South West
  • viability assessments must be reformed so that they are more transparent and publicly available
  • minimum housing densities should be required in areas where land shortage is acute

Skills ›

Homes for the South West members are supporting and promoting apprenticeship investment to support skills and training in the construction industry. We are also working on crystallising the planned proportion of modern methods of construction and off site manufacturing (OSM) in our programmes, enabling a reliable order pipeline to enable new OSM production facilities.

Another vital contribution we are is to ensure sufficient homes are delivered at the affordable end of the market to support  the workforce vital for South West economic growth.

Our key asks on skills are for:

  • investment in construction skills in the region via apprenticeships, academies. This should be together with redefining construction as a relevant modern career option for the next generation of workers, actively marketing courses, qualifications and careers.
  • investment in Off-Site Manufacture (OSM) & MMC (Modern Methods of Construction) to broaden the palette of options as we look to significantly increase development aspirations in the region.
  • consideration of construction as a special case in terms of EU workers rights post-Brexit to ensure we can build the homes we need.

Infrastructure ›

Homes for the South West members are ready to provide the ambitious building and development agenda to fully support a ‘regional powerhouse’ project with appropriate development plans. We can be agile and committed partners in any regional development plan – able to offer scale through our track record of bringing together multiple Housing Associations into consortia. We provide a wide tenure mix that supports broad regional development, including affordable, shared-ownership and open-market sale products at a wide range of price-points.

Our key asks on skills are for:

  • consideration of a South West “powerhouse” programme to drive the region forward and support both home building and wider economic development.
  • realistic local-level funding to be provided to support infrastructure projects region wide, particularly in respect of unlocking the potential for new settlements and major redevelopments.
  • improvements to key arterial road and rail links to be prioritised, and additional momentum to be applied to the high-speed broadband provision programme into the region.

Homes for the South West in Numbers


Recent News & Developments

Homes for the South West members are providing the ambitious building plans to effectively support South West delivery of the government’s 300,000 p.a. building targets. See below for examples of our recent developments, building much-needed new homes across the south west. Contact us if you would like to know more about our work.

LiveWest celebrate 1,000 new affordable homes landmark

LiveWest have achieved a key milestone after delivering 1,000 new affordable homes in just over a year throughout the south west.

Following the merger of  DCH and Knightstone Housing in March 2018, Homes for the South West member, LiveWest immediately pledged to invest £2billion in the regional economy over the following 10 years, building 16,000 new homes across the westcountry and sustaining 6,500 jobs in the building and supply chain.

Having invested £140million on new homes in its first year, the south west’s largest housing provider focuses its efforts on providing a range of affordable housing options.

Recent new developments include the completion of the 100% affordable housing scheme of 21 new homes in St Breward in Cornwall, 15 new affordable homes in Tarka View, Crediton, and 13 new affordable homes – a combination of traditional and modern methods of construction – at The Parade, Bridgwater.

Our Executive Director of Development said: “What we have achieved in the last year has been huge and demonstrates that housing organisations with ambition and expertise can make a real difference. 

“We are based in an area of high housing need as well as high house prices which makes accessing housing particularly challenging for many families. 

“Every affordable house built is important but to be able to make such a difference on such a scale requires collaboration across our organisation, our supply chain, contractors and local authority partners.

“It has been an exceptional first year and we are well placed to deliver even more affordable homes going forward.  Over next year we will build a further 1200 affordable homes as well as homes for market sale at schemes across Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and the West of England.” 

LiveWest currently own 36,000 homes across the region and has become one of the first partnerships nationally, alongside Sovereign, to be given a £111.5million Homes England grant to build a further 2,275 new homes by 2024.

After breaking through the 1,000 new homes barrier, our Development Director Nathan Cronk said: “This is a fantastic achievement and we are so proud to be able to make such a difference to people’s lives. As we are all aware there’s a desperate shortage of affordable housing in the region and we have been working hard to deliver homes to address this issue.”

LiveWest employ around 1,400 staff and provides services to more than 70,000 people from Gloucestershire to the Isles of Scilly.

31 affordable homes heading to Bideford

Work has just started on Westward’s exciting new affordable homes development in Bideford which will see 31 homes built to help meet a growing local housing need.

Westward are a member of Homes for the South West and will deliver 31 properties, of which 26 of these homes will be for affordable rent and 5 homes for shared ownership (part-buy part-rent) which are due to be available in Spring 2020.

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